Darlyne, my late wife, and I wrote our beautiful book about death and dying and about life and living. It was published a month after Darlyne’s “death” in 2007. Because of a lack of advertising it has sold very few copies, and most of them were those that I purchased and gave away. Everyone I’ve given a copy to has loved our book and has received great benefit from it. A friend of mine, to whom I gave a copy, hugged me tightly after reading it and said,  “I thank you and Darlyne so much for writing your book. It’s healed my pain.”

It is a very healing book – a book written with love. It is Darlyne’s and my desire that many, many people have the opportunity to read our book, so that their fear of death will be alleviated. Our book was Darlyne’s gift to the world – her legacy.  We wrote our book during the last year of her life and finished it just days before she made her transition. Our book will be as relevant in a century from now as it is today.

I’m creating this blog in order to spread the word about our book. We don’t talk about death in our society. Death is a taboo subject, because the fear of death is so prevalent. Darlyne wanted to break down those walls and discuss death and dying openly and candidly. It is also my intention to start a dialog on the subject of “death and dying,” as well as life and healing. If you are interested, I hope you’ll join me. I want your interaction. I need your help.

I want to spread the word about our book. I want you to know:  There’s nothing to fear in death. There is no death. No one dies. Never has – never will. And that’s the truth. I, personally, have no fear of death, because I know it doesn’t exist.

I think it was the entity “Emmanuel” who said, “Death is perfectly safe. If you could see death, you would rush to it with open arms.”

Please click on “Darlyne’s Book” above and give Triumph a look. Also, please click on “Blog” and contribute with your comments. I’d like to hear your stories, your experiences. It’s my intention to write another book or perhaps books that will include a compilation of the comments I receive here. Thank you.

Love and Light,

Philip & Darlyne

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