Darlyne was born on June 6, 1944 – D-Day.

It was perhaps because of this fact that healing became her life’s purpose.

In my eyes and in the eyes of many, she was a Master-Healer!

DarMyBeautyShe had a Master’s degree in Special Education,

specializing in Speech Pathology.

She also had a Ph.D. in Hypnotherapy.

I witnessed her facilitate the healing of the lives of many of her clients.

She did the same for me. She was my greatest teacher!

 Darlyne, was a brittle diabetic for more than 33 years.

She made her transition on May 23, 2007.

She “died” of end-stage kidney failure, at home, in my arms.

During the last year of Darlyne’s life, we wrote her beautiful book,

“Triumph ~ Traveling Towards Death: Preparing for a New Life.”

It was her wish to pave the way for others – to assist others in getting beyond their fears.

I know that she is helping me now, from where she is, to get our book into your hands.

If you would like to preview it, or purchase a copy,

you can do so by visiting our web site, by clicking HERE.

A Kindle version is available through Amazon.com.

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